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MP4s is an Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships project organised by a consortium of eight Full Partners:
The map shows the location of each university

consortium member's speciality

MP4s is aligned with each consortium member's strategies and initiatives

For UniLaSalle, MP4s will extend its current work on preparing a campus questionnaire on student challenges by launching a European survey on students' emotional challenges, as well as moving from rather limited teaching experiments that reached 100 students in two semesters, to more extensive ones by providing resources at European level and online, but also by linking mindfulness and social and climate justice with expert colleagues.

For Vilnius University, MP4s will raise awareness of the climate crisis from a holistic perspective and will help higher education students recover more quickly and fully from recent situations. MP4s will also enable Vilnius University's European School of Sustainability Science and Research to introduce mindfulness to other universities and research centres, in order to include mindfulness in the best sustainability practices.

For Conhecer-Se, MP4s is an opportunity to co-create an innovative and sustainable scale-up program to make Mindfulness practices widely accessible to university students across Europe and, hopefully, bring changes in local education policy. Indeed, Conhecer-Se promotes mindfulness, active citizenship and social responsibility, providing high quality, affordable and sustainable mindful practices and programs.

For Roma Tre, MP4s will extend their actual work of application of digital tools to humanities in teaching and training and team building. It will be a litmus test and a laboratory for analysing the effects of interdisciplinary approaches, the relationship between methodology/theory and practice, with the possibility of crossing data, identities (languages, cultures, religions, genders) and different skills and emotions.

For NOVA, MP4s will broaden the scope of their research and mindfulness applications. Indeed, NOVA School of Business and Economics is a pioneer in the introduction of Mindfulness as a core component of the Masters in Management: in which a 2 ECTS course in Mindfulness in Leadership is offered. Research work on the impact of Mindfulness practice on Problem Solving is also currently being done.

For CSCI, MP4s is both complementary to previous experiences and innovative, integrating Mindfulness in the academic environment. It complements the work started twenty years ago in orientation and support of young people's personal and professional development. CSCI has participated in EU projects to conduct this work.

For Ocak Izi Dernegi, MP4s is complementary and will be part of its curriculum, providing new tools and resources for peace and transition towards social and climate justice in societies. Ocak Izi Dernegi foresees that mindfulness can bring new ways of thinking, delivering and managing education and training and good practice.

For UNICA, MP4s is innovative in aiming to improve students’ mental health and raising awareness to sustainability through mindfulness practices, will be brought to student communities throughout Europe. MP4s is in line with UNICA’s strategy. Indeed, UNICA has been seeking a new project to engage in, enhancing students’ wellbeing.