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Frequently Asked Questions?

Mindfulness practices allow one to focus on the present moment in an open and generous way.

Among the exercises, we can propose those of:

  • > Attention to the breath - in any situation,
  • > meditation - sitting, standing, walking or lying down
  • > (re)connecting with nature - outdoor practice,
  • > self-care - compassionate practice.

C1 will train 40 staff from MP4s educational community to the Mindfulness practices concept and their integration within curriculum. The trained representatives will become Aware Active Ambassadors and will be nurture with activities, propositions, and opportunities to contribute to the SIT4PLANET open educational community.


They are tangible results produced by intellectual contributions leading. These deliverables related to the project should contribute to the achievement of the overall project objective.

They should have an impact on the members of the consortium but also on external stakeholders at local, regional, national and international level.

Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships aim to support cooperation between international organizations and institutions by encouraging innovation and goodwill exchanges in the fields of education, training and youth.

More information on the European Commission website