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Rome, Italy

Universita degli Studi Roma Tre


Roma Tre University is a young university thought for young people., it has rapidly grown both in terms of students and courses offered. It has gained an excellent rating among the most prominent academic rankings, especially within the younger universities.

Roma Tre is a dynamic, modern and international university that has been immediately identified as the vital lever of the urban development of the capital, within which it is now deeply rooted, contributing in changing the city’s identity with a persevering process of restructuring and re-using abandoned industrial buildings, converting them into factories of knowledge and research. Among its founding values, Roma Tre assumes the promotion and organization of high-quality international research, the excellence in higher education as well as in the development and dissemination of knowledge, the environmental protection, the international solidarity, the principles of gender equity and the evaluation and recognition of merit.

The international dimension is considered a strategic aspect for the University, which adheres, among others, to the inspirational principles of the Magna Charta Universitatum and identifies itself in the principles and tools of the European Research and Higher education Area.

Roma Tre is organized into 13 Departments that manage, coordinate, plan and promote scientific research, educational and training activities. The Departments are responsible for carrying out excellent research; teaching and training activities related to BA and MA courses, as well as PhD degrees and other educational activities. All external ventures are associated to research and teaching or aimed at enhancing and disseminating the activities and expertise of the Departments themselves, including partnership initiatives, spin-offs and start-ups.

Roma Tre currently houses an Economics & Business School. The School’s objective is to coordinate the activities of its constituent Departments in order to guarantee high organizational and qualitative standards and to ensure the best sustainability of courses in relation to the management of classrooms, schedules and secretariats.

Roma Tre Humanities Department, involved in MP4s, promotes research and training in the humanities and social sciences. It assigns fundamental importance to interdisciplinarity, historical and philological investigation, the evolution of the linguistic and literary tradition, archaeological heritage and artistic, territorial structures, cultural and anthropological roots of societies. The Department carries out research at a high international level in many areas of humanistic inquiry, with collaborations and exchange agreements with academic and scientific partners all over the world.