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MP4s Project Result 4

e-Learning : SIT4PLANET

MP4s will produce an innovative tailorable syllabus, the SIT4PLANET, which is intended to be a generic syllabus offering academic actors the possibility to integrate, as much as possible, mindfulness practices in all courses and activities on campus.

The SIT4PLANET syllabus will enable university stakeholders to integrate mindfulness practices in any course or campus activity, and will be available on an open source learning platform. On this platform, contents will be uploaded in the form of Shareable Content Objects that teachers and learners can reassemble, to build a new learning Path for face-to-face or distance learning, almost tailored to each single student/learner.

MP4s manuals for trainers and learners will be available on the SIT4PLANET.

The SIT4PLANET contents will be offered in English, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Italian, Turkish and French.