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Balıkesir, Turkey

Ocak Izi Dernegi


Ocak İzi Derneği (Trace of Fireplace Association) is non-governmental organization aiming to keep track of the past in the city center, in the districts and in the villages of Balıkesir, to take values began to be forgotten to present, to improve and ensure the sustainability of them.

Ocak İzi Derneği’s mission is to take a pioneering role in taking every possible action for social and personal development of youth/ young adults. The association aims to help youth/young adults to acquire professional development and to make progress in their field of study; and mainly to provide high quality non-formal educational programs for the residents from Balıkesir, Turkey.

Ocak İzi Derneği have been organizing local and national training courses with the help of Balıkesir Provincial Directorate of National Education- Governorship of Balıkesir. Also, many of Ocak İzi Derneği staff are interested to learn and to apply more and more non-formal methods in their activity.

As an NGO, Ocak İzi Derneği helps young adults develop their qualifications; social awareness in relevant thematic areas; especially through peer education, to discover new cultures, habits and lifestyles, as well as to strengthen values such as solidarity, democracy, productivity, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and friendship.

In this context, Ocak İzi Derneği takes its place beside our members in every area they need:

  • – To stimulate the empowerment of people in order to invite them to play a constructive role in the development of their own communities and raise people’s awareness of everyone’s responsibility in tackling unemployment supporting creativity and innovation,
  • – To develop double-prolonged integrated actions to enlarge the capabilities of unemployed people in participating actively, freely and meaningfully at local and European level,
  • – To develop skills and competencies of youth/adults according to the “European framework for key competences”,
  • – To promote youth/adult education by using non-formal learning approaches,
  • – Promotion of personal and professional development of the residents of Balıkesir,
  • – Commitment to sustainable development and increase of residents’ contribution to solving local and global problems,
  • – Improving digital literacy, digital skills and digital transformation,
  • – Promotion of human rights, entrepreneurship, equality and solidarity,
  • – Strengthening the role and capacities of organizations and institutions through mutual cooperation, support, needs and possible reforms. In brief, Our Association aims at empowering people to strengthen their skills and competences in finding solution to the emerging problems of the changing world and to encourage them to develop new ideas and projects to start their own activities to tackle unemployment.