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Brussels, Belgium

UNICA - Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe


UNICA – Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe, seeks to be a driving force in the development of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and to promote academic excellence, integration and cooperation between member universities throughout Europe.

UNICA facilitates international collaborations and promotes academic leadership through sharing and exchanging good practices among its Members throughout the EHEA. It also provides a forum where Members can reflect on the needs of strategic change in university research, education, administration, and societal engagement. To achieve its aims, UNICA articulates the views of its Member Universities to European institutions, national, regional, and municipal governments, and international fora as well. By acting as a bridge between universities and European stakeholders, it provides Members with key information on European initiatives and programs and supports them in developing co-operative projects.

UNICA is engaged in three types of activities:

  1. events organised in cooperation with members and other, mostly international stakeholders;
  2. European projects (mainly Erasmus+, Horizon 2020), both as a coordinator and partner;
  3. advocacy and policy-related work. All activities are managed by the UNICA Secretariat (3 full-time and 1 part-time staff members) with its seat in Brussels in close cooperation with the UNICA Board, including the UNICA President, as well as the member universities.

UNICA’s activities and projects are clustered in seven working groups: UNICA International Relations Officers, UNICA EduLAB (Vice Rectors for Education), EURLO & UNICA Research (Vice Rectors for Research and EU Research Liaison Officers), UNICA Green & SDGs (Vice Rectors for Sustainability and Sustainability/Environmental coordinators), Scholarly Communication (Library directors), PR & Communication (Vice Rectors for Communication and professionals working in the field of Public Relations, Communication, Media Relations, and Marketing within the context of Higher Education) and UNICA & the City (Vice Rectors and other figures responsible for the university’s third mission, civic engagement, urban challenges). Members participate in the WGs on a voluntary basis.

UNICA also organises dedicated activities for students, including the biannual UNICA Student Conference, its largest event to make their voice heard and encourage student communities to get involved in locally and globally pressing issues. An example of this engagement is the UNICA GREEN and SDGs Working Group that was initiated by students a decade ago and has since become one of UNICA’s most active and established WGs.