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MP4s Project Result 5/6

MP4s Manuals

MP4s manuals will be published on this page and on the MP4s SIT4PLANET.

These manuals, which will be drafted considering the results of the learning and training activities C2 to C5, will be finalised in August 2023 and be ready for the multiplier events planned from September 2023 to May 2024. It will be an interactive manual with direct links to on-line resources in different languages.

These manuals will be interactive with direct links to on-line resources and available in English, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Italian, Turkish and French.

MP4s manual for trainers will be designed to help teachers/trainers to use the SIT4PLANET tailorable syllabus, including the chosen e-Learning platform for the construction of effective embedded training programmes on mindfulness & social and climate justice.

The manual will present the intertwined methodology adopted at project level, as well as the technical features of the chosen tech. tool, as well as some recommendations on how to train Aware Ambassadors.

MP4s manual for students will be designed to help the learners orientate themselves in the MP4s resources and training opportunities, which includes face-to-face learning when possible, e-learning, individual or collective sitting and actions. In particular, useful information will be provided on how to use the chosen platform and how to orientate oneself in the use of the contents and tools proposed for effective learning and engagement for the planet and the others.