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MP4s Project Result 1

Student Challenges Mapping /Report

Conscious of the urgent need to understand the current state of mindfulness' role in sustainability and environmental justice movements, the MP4s PR1 survey aimed to delve into the intersection of mindfulness, sustainability, and environmental justice. The findings underscore the pressing importance of comprehending the current role of mindfulness in these crucial movements.

Mindfulness practices are intricately intertwined with environmental consciousness and efforts to combat climate change.

With a focus on higher education students, the MP4s consortium initiated a survey to gauge students' perceptions and engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Indeed, the MP4s team recognizes the pivotal role students play in shaping the future landscape of sustainability and environmental justice.

This report is available in English, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, and Turkish. Delve into the findings and join us in fostering a more mindful and sustainable world.