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MP4s Project Result 1

Student Challenges Mapping

There is an urgent need to understate the current state of mindfulness role in sustainability and environmental justice movements.

Mindfulness practice is strongly linked to environment and climate change. There is ample evidence that mindfulness practice embraces people’s understanding and willingness to act for nature and climate. However, most studies have been conducted with small specially selected groups of people and only a few studies were done in higher education institutions (mainly in the USA).

Higher education students will be the main target group of MP4s research. The research will include the students of all MP4s Universities. A survey on the student’s emotional challenges and concerns will be launched at Vilnius University in order to launch a bigger European survey to produce a mapping of the main challenges and concerns (PR1).

The role of teachers in environmental and climate justice movements and the emotional disposition towards mindfulness practice will also be analysed as an important factor for students’ predispositions.

These analyses will result in a mapping of the main challenges and concerns, which will provide huge potential and basis for further implementation of mindfulness tools among university students and beyond (not higher education institutions).

This report will be available in English, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Italian, Turkish and French.