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MP4s Organised Its third Training Activity

17 mars 2023 MP22-univer4sMP Comments Off

Rome, 14-16 March 2023 – An Immersion in Renaissance literature and mindfulness practices to reconsider the human-nature interaction.

Carlotta Mazzoncini taught the course “Mankind and nature  from Renaissance to Nowadays”  at the University of Roma Tre.

The three days alternated between frontal lectures and participatory activities, both in the classroom and outside, involving representatives from all of the Mindfulness Practices for Students in Society (MP4s) project consortium members, as well as learners chosen from among students and researchers.


Rethinking our relationship with nature with the great Renaissance artists


 Beginning with Leonardo da Vinci’s writings, participants had the opportunity to explore various ways of relating to the natural world as imagined by his great connoisseur and passionate explorer. The course then investigated the concept of self-forgiveness as an awareness-practice, important for self-regulation and psychological well-being, based on Michelangelo’s writings. Michelangelo Buonarroti’s poetry compositions gave a new perspective on the natural world both within and outside us.


 Integrating self-awareness practices into the curriculum

 All course sessions were preceded with meditative activities led by Andrea Pintimalli of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation, who subsequently gave an in-depth neuroscientific lecture. Current research confirms a consistent correlation between mindfulness practices and  improved environmental sensitivity, but hypotheses on causal relationships are still being tested, and the experimentation in the MP4s activities intends to contribute to the discovery and dissemination of these concerns.


Next steps

This course, together with the other MP4s training activities, will serve as a foundation for the online Sit4Planet syllabus. A Moodle platform that will bring together specifically created learning paths to integrate mindfulness practices into the teaching of various disciplines, so contributing to the provision of tools to raise social awareness of environmental issues and everyone’s involvement in tackling global challenges.