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E2 – Mindfully engaging for climate transition in schools

11 février 2022 MP22-univer4sMP Comments Off

As part of “Mindfulness practices for students in society project – MP4s”, a multiplier event was held on 21/02/2024 at the Omar Institute in Novara. Responsible for and organiser of the event was CSCI Novara.

To ensure broad participation, CSCI Novara distributed a press release to local media, promoted the event on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, and conducted an interview with ‘Radio Azzurra.’

Teachers from CSCI Novara member schools and journalists from local newspapers such as ‘Corriere di Novara’ and ‘L’ Azione’ attended, resulting in dedicated articles being published afterward.

The aim of the event was to spread the project results achieved to date by the MP4s partnership. After an initial presentation of the project and the partners involved, the concept of mindfulness and the benefits of this practice were explored. Indeed, mindfulness has been shown to increase resilience, improve academic performance and deepen a sense of connection with others and with nature. Trainings C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5 were introduced and explained. Subsequently, PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4 and PR8 in particular were explored. A presentation covering all topics was prepared for the event.

The European-wide survey (PR1) mapping students’ main challenges and concerns (social, psychological and environmental issues) reveals young people’s concern about issues such as climate change. The survey is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the UN member states in 2015 in the 2030 Agenda.

The MP4s project provides students with materials designed to address these emotional difficulties. The Mindfulness Toolbox (PR2) and the SIT4PLANET (PR4) are valuable tools the partnership has developed to help students face todays and future challenges in a more mindful manner. The former is presented as a collection of resources and practices related to mindfulness as an enhancement of mental well-being; the latter is a generic programme that offers academic actors the possibility of integrating mindfulness practices into all courses and it is linked to the orientation tool (PR3), i.e., a tool that, through profiling, indicates the most congenial path for students to follow within MP4s. The event also discussed draft recommendations for open badges linked to the SIT4PLANET pathway via the Moodle platform (PR8).

The meeting concluded with a Mindfulness practice led by MBSR-certified instructor Luca Fanchini. The feedback received from participants was positive. They valued the engaging content and interactive mindfulness practice, showcasing the event’s success and the MP4s project’s potential.