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The Soro Tori Association, Italy

Created in 2006, Soro Tori is located in the Abruzzo region, in the municipality of Tagliacozzo, in an mountainous inland area and, despite its proximity to Rome (100 km), it is a rural and disadvantaged area in terms of transport, training opportunities for young people and adults, with a lack of opportunities for socialisation and inclusion, and 40 km from Aquila, which hosts a renowned university with 20.000 students in its new facility (post 2009 earthquake).

Soro Tori implement projects that promote local social inclusion, training and socialisation and cultural opportunities, and develop and participate in community projects to involve resident young people and adults.

As an MP4s associated partner, its experience in social inclusion and integration in disadvantaged territories brings added value to the project and the didactic farm we collaborate with offers the possibility to develop mindful practices in nature for the project.