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MP4s – Transnational Project Meetings

1 mars 2022 MP22-univer4sMP Comments Off

The MP4s consortium will meet each time at a different partner’s place: between 2 and 3 days long in order to combine project management and work session.

  • Transnational Project Meeting 0 (M0 – online) in December 2021. MP4s kick-off meeting has been organised online through 5 topic-based meetings due to the COVID-19 health situation. It enabled the consortium to set up solid foundations concerning project management, communication, financial management and reporting activities.
  • Transnational Project Meeting 1 (M1) at ULS has been organised from 17 to 18 March 2022. It has been a mid-term evaluation of PR1, work session on PR2 and launching of PR3. The consortium also selected MP4s logo.
  • Transnational Project Meeting 2 (M2) at Roma Tre in October 2022.
  • Transnational Project Meeting 3 (M3) at Vilnius U in October 2023
  • Transnational Project Meeting 4 (M4) at Nova U in August 2023