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MP4s Organised Its Second Training Activity

30 novembre 2022 MP22-univer4sMP Comments Off

The Mindfulness Practices for Students in Society (MP4s) team organized its second training for student and staff ambassadors from November 7-10, 2022 at the UniLaSalle Beauvais campus.

This training focused specifically on climate transition and lasted a total of 18 hours. Students from Portugal, Italy, and France gathered to collaborate and discuss actions to tackle the climate crisis.

One of the key elements of the MP4s project is sharing, and students from various national backgrounds, fields of study, and ages worked together to address the challenges of climate change. The training began each day with meditation and breathing exercises, allowing students to focus on the present moment and set aside any distractions.

Throughout the training, students explored the various impacts of climate change on health, pollution, and social inclusion. 

Looking ahead, the MP4s ambassadors will continue their mindfulness training in Rome, where they will explore the intersection of meditation and climate through the lens of the Renaissance.

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